Designer’s Library parla di Antonino Sciortino

I’m nutty about sculptural wire, so I’ve had Antonino Sciortino bookmarked for a while now ever since I discovered him through HFHA. His work is so architectural, it’s just like having a mini-Calatrava in your hand. If you love sculptural wire, his website is full of inspirational stuff.

I was hoping to post more this week, but I’ve had my hands full with the kids. Mom (aka. the babysitter) went on a 2-week vacation starting this week so I’ve been playing a ton of Candyland and Crazy 8’s with my daughter and launching missile attacks on Lego fortresses with my son instead of doing some real work! (Let me say, I’ve been kicking ass in Candyland.) Luckily, I get a tiny bit of a vacation myself starting today as my husband takes over kid-watching duties. I’m leaving for Portland with some friends this morning and meeting up with a few more friends over there. Fun, fun, fun. If only it wasn’t 35 degrees-ish over there. In any case, I can’t wait to visit Canoe and the Ace Hotel. Have a great weekend!



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